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Topic: Emotional freedom



“The fear of showing

my emotion just put

me in a complete jail.”  

Client Comment


Without deep feeling,

there can be no deep


Diana Fosha, Ph.D.



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I first saw Susan Warshow's work in Amsterdam in 2002 and was blown away.  Her work isn't just good It's beautiful!  She has such a warm, related, and kind way of helping patients turn against their defenses and resistances.  I regard this one as a must see presentation.

Jon Frederickson, MSW,
Faculty and Co-Chair of ISTDP Training Program, Washington School of Psychiatry
Founder, ISTDP Institute

Susan Warren is a gifted therapist - with superb clinical skills and the warmth and flexibility to tailor them to the needs of any given patient. I've heard nothing but raves from her students. I have always been impressed with Susan's profound empathy for both patient and therapist, which surely helps her create an open learning environment.

Patricia Coughlin (Della Selva), Ph.D.
Author: Intensive Short term Dynamic Psychotherapy: Theory and Technique
Co-author with Dr. David Malan: Lives Transformed

Susan Warren Warshow is a highly skilled therapist and an excellent teacher. With patient and student alike, she deftly and precisely identifies and targets key factors as the first step in swiftly, adroitly, and compassionately resolving critical issues. If you are interested in improving your personal and professional work, take Susan's seminar.

Bruce W. Spring, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, USC School of Medicine
Training Group Participant

Susan will be presenting
 Shame Sensitive Interventions to Disarm Defenses
in Aarhus, Denmark 
June 24th and 25th, 2015
Event sponsored by the Danish ISTDP Society


Join Susan and Jon Frederickson for

Penetrating Defenses to Awaken the Self
 Sept. 26th and 27th, 2015 Los Angeles, CA
Email: for more information


ISTDP Institute Webinar
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Dissolving Defenses
with Compassionate Interventions
(Back by popular demand)

with Susan Warshow, MSW
 and Jon Frederickson, MSW

Access Recorded Webinar:
Fee: $150

Since defenses cause the presenting problems and symptoms our patients suffer from, interrupting defenses is a way we show our compassion. Defenses, which were once the patient’s friend, now function as the enemy. In this webinar, Susan and Jon will show how to interrupt defenses compassionately and help the patient form a healing alliance.

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